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This option is for riders that are looking for an advanced group of peers and coaches to train and compete with. We will spend our training days mastering the fundamentals for riding fast, as well as more advanced techniques to take your riding to any level you want.


Our mission is to create the first ever developmental program to take junior athletes to the pros and continue to provide support at the elite level through coaching, logistics, sponsorships, and financial support. 


We will focus on developing all-around riding skills so our athletes could compete in a Crankworx slope event, or UCI DH event and do very well. We will also provide opportunities for professional edits and trips to ride for fun and gain more skills, experience, and knowledge. 


The Tribe will have many opportunities to compete in Downhill, Dual Slalom, and Slopestyle across the continent and world to represent Outlaw and build their experience and résumé. Traveling with the team lowers costs and builds team unity and support. Riding ability increases exponentially at these events and builds confidence. We also have a lot of fun, all the time. Like, it's non-stop fun. We've built some pretty amazing memories and it's only going to get better.

Mandatory: Contact Coach Tyson ASAP to learn more about this team and what it takes to join


​It is extremely difficult to become a Tribe Member. You should definitely work towards it, but very few will qualify. We have the Tribe Development program for those that are still working towards the Tribe requirements. 




  • Ages 10+

  • Open to athletes across the country

  • Must have graduated from Tribe Devo or show advanced skills.  

  • Must complete or be working towards completing all Tribe Pillars found HERE

  • Must have previous competition experience and results

  • A full suspension bike with 160mm of travel or more

  • Full-face helmet, goggles, gloves, and armor.

  • USA Cycling License.

  • Wear Outlaw Jersey

  • Respect trail etiquette, safety, and conditions

  • Promote the team and sponsors through your social media outlets whenever appropriate

  • Refer people to our sponsors

  • Please see below for additional requirements

Training Schedule


  • Training starts in March and ends in November

  • We will train 4-6 days per week

  • Training times vary each day. 

  • Training location will vary between Sundance Resort, WoodWard Park City, Draper Cycle Track, Corner Canyon Trails, Provo Canyon Trails, skate parks, Trailside Park, parking lots in Orem/Provo, Old Rampage Site, Moab, AF Canyon, I-Street, and all across the country!


Hands down the greatest benefit of joining the Tribe is surrounding yourself with other athletes that want to improve and want you to improve. We are all on the same mission: being the best we can be in this sport and in life. What more do you need? 


Well, a lot of support for starters. Outlaw takes pride in providing more than just bike training. 


  • Sports Performance and Mental Training Sessions

  • Mechanical work, repair, and build of bikes to keep them in top form

  • Workout and nutrition programming

  • Team building activities - Surfing, paintball, swimming, polar plunges, backpacking, skating, and more

  • Bike career pathway planning, resources, and networking

  • Goal setting and tracking

  • Sponsor management, tracking, and reporting

  • Professionally made edits and photography

  • Lifelong friendships and connections


$800* due February 1st.

-Includes a Team Jersey and other surprises

Limited to 10 members

*The Tribe's tuition is significantly reduced from years past. However, the requirements to join and remain on the team are significantly increased. If you are unable to meet those requirements, a spot on the RTS team will be reserved for you. 

**Previous members will have priority

2022 Tribe Registration

No Problem! The Tribe is open to any athlete that earns a spot based on merit, completing the requirements, future goals, and past accomplishments. 

The Outlaw Tribe is a country wide opportunity for junior riders to experience the many benefits of being part of a team with professional coaching and representation. 


We connect junior shredders from all over the country to build life-long friendships, develop connections, and empower athletes to learn and progress at an exponential rate. 



The Outlaw Bike Team is built on developing what we call Higher Level Humans. This is our way of saying that athletes need to be much more than just good bike riders; they need to have grit, courage, positivity and indomitable character all while treating everyone with respect and an open mind to learning from every failure and opportunity. 


Not only is this a great way to live life and keep things FUN, it also gets you noticed as a person who cares about your craft and having a professional representation of who you are to everyone. 



We believe that DH racing is fun! And it should always be fun no matter what. Technically, anyone can get a bike and race at these races, however, for juniors to remain interested and motivated to continue in this very difficult sport, they need to see success and safety from their first experience. 


And just as important, parents need support to wade through it all and help make it somewhat less expensive. By leveraging more athletes, we can make most races less expensive by sharing lodging, travel, and food expenses. Coach Tyson has been organizing trips for ski teams and Outlaw Bike Team for 8 years and has it all down to a science.


We want to provide the foundations for this success by keeping these kids riding another day and learning life-long skills and building life-long friendships. 


What we do


  • Coaching at Pro GRT, Nationals, Crankworx Whistler, and other large events. This includes, but is not limited to team warmups, conditioning, track walk, line choice, video review for both technical and tactical instruction.

  • Athlete management prior to and at named events i.e. event registration, schedules, future planning based on goals

  • Athlete representation as needed i.e. race meetings, disqualifications, petitions for larger races etc.

  • 3-4 Training Camps per year

  • All-inclusive or a la carte packages that fit each family’s needs. Options include arrangement for travel, lodging, meal plans, and access to the team mechanic. 

  • Access to major discounts from our sponsors and sponsorship contracts based on merit and coach recommendations.


How to join the Tribe?


Anyone interested in joining will register for the annual membership. This covers the jersey and gives you access to our sponsor discounts. Priority is given to previous members


Annual Membership: $800 due prior to December 31st of each season

Space is limited to 10 athletes


Cost per race/camp will then depend on location and how many Outlaws are attending.

Not in utah?

Thank you to our sponsors:

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Tribe Requirements

Parent requirements:

  • Get athletes to 90% or more training sessions/events (organize carpools)

  • Read the Fearless Mind 

  • Complete the Changing the Game Parent’s course HERE and read the accompanying eBook

  • Follow and practice what you learned above

  • Participate in team activities

  • Assist with shuttling for training

  • Assist with Utah Mountain Sports Academy fundraisers

  • Help athletes take responsibility for communication. It helps so much to have the athlete involved and responsible for their schedule, bike maintenance, training plans, goal setting, etc. If a question is asked on Team App, text, or DM, an answer from everyone is so very helpful. 

Athlete Requirements

Physical Pillars

  • These requirements are chosen to focus our training on general physical preparedness slightly geared towards anaerobic capacity. Our sport is on the threshold of anaerobic activity meaning that we need to be able to sustain maximal effort in powerful movements for more than 1:00. These goals should be very difficult, but none are impossible. Striving for these goals will build consistency, resilience, and mental fortitude. 


  • 75 consecutive pushups - Chest to deck and full elbow extension at the top

  • 135 squats in 2:00 - ass to grass and full knee/hip extension at the top

  • 12 Strict pull-ups - deadhang, hands facing away from you, chin completely over the bar.

  • 5:00 Plank Hold on Elbows

  • 2:30 Hollow Body Hold - Lower back maintains contact with the ground, heels and hands no more than 12” above the ground. 

  • 70 Lateral 16” box jumps in 1:00

  • Sub 6:00 mile run

  • 400m Run under 1:05 seconds

  • Ages 15+ - 45 Cal on Assault Bike in 1:00

  • U14 - 20 Cal on Assault Bike in 1:00

  • U12 - Assault Bike is Bonus - Your legs are too short :) 

  • Murph Sub 40min - For time: 1 mile run, 100 Pullups, 200 Pushups, 300 Squats, 1 mile run

  • Standing Back Flip (springboard is ok for 12 and younger)

  • Freestanding Handstand hold or walk

  • A perfect cartwheel both ways

  • Draper Bike Park to Top of Rush via Canyon Hollow sub 34:00

  • At least 1 Rite of Passage


14 and Older Strength Requirements: 

Athlete should be close to these numbers by the end of May 2022


  • Body weight (BW) squat 5 reps

  • 2x bodyweight deadlift 5 reps

  • 75% BW Standing Barbell Press for 5

  • Proper form on Power Cleans 

  • Overhead Squat 45 pound bar for 10 reps



These are all bike skills that will get you motivated to try new things and push your comfort zone. Get on yer bike and ride! Checkoff the Progressions (P) first. All must be done with max armor on.


  • Pedal 40+ miles per week


  • Learn 1 new ‘jib’ a month i.e. longer stoppies, half cabs, tire tap 3’s, fakie, manual, wheelie, etc. 


  • Flip to Dirt - P = Super comfortable on trampoline, can get bike into manual and hold for at least 5 sec. 50 flips to foam, 50 to airbag or resi, Tyson’s approval on jump


  • 360 to Dirt - P = Flat ground 180 or off small lip, 50 flyout 180’s, 100 flyout 360’s, 100 to foam, 100 to airbag or resi. Yes, 100. Tyson’s approval on jump


  • Barspin flyout - P = X-Up on lock, Thousands of bars with bike backed against a wall or on tramp bike, hundreds of ‘pullup bars’, ability to pinch bike with feet, armor! 


  • Barspin Dirt Jump - see P above + 100 flyout barspins


  • Tailwhip flyout

  • Tailwhip Dirt Jump

  • Combo Tricks

  • Take any trick you’re comfortable with and make it harder i.e Truck, flip bar, combos.


Cognitive Pillars

  • 30 Day No Complaint Challenge (explanation video coming)

  • Daily journal

  • Complete fearless mind sessions

  • Set and update goals monthly

  • Commit 100%

  • Develop a proactive mindset

  • Consistently workout 3-5 days a week

  • Pursue education outside of school

  • Get 8+ hours of sleep each night

  • Respond to Tyson in a timely manner, complete monthly feedback forms and goal setting updates. 

  • Complete Personal Essay on why you want to join the team and why you should have a spot on the Tribe


Required Book list

  • Ego is the enemy

  • The obstacle is the way

  • Stillness is the Key

  • Kevin Hart the decision

  • Can’t hurt me by David Goggins

  • Fearless mind

  • The Power of Habit

  • Rise of Superman

  • The Power of One

  • Life of Pi

  • The Red Circle

  • The Alchemist


Other Book Suggestions:

  • Out of Our Minds

  • The Book Thief

  • Lord of the Flies

  • Enders Game

  • Dune

  • Red Rising

  • Daemon and Freedom by Daniel Suarez

  • The Count of Monte Cristo


Suggested Movies

  • The Social Dilemma

  • In pursuit of happiness

  • The Defiant ones

  • Interstellar

  • The dawn wall

  • Free solo

  • 127 Hours

  • Apollo 13


Cosmic Pillar

  • Love yourself

  • Love others and the world around you - Mudita (a Buddhist term for "finding joy in the happiness and success of others").

  • Love Mother Nature - Do something daily that reduces your footprint or damage to Earth.

  • Breathe - Daily breathwork and meditation - Use the Wim Hoff App

  • Become comfortable in the uncomfortable - challenge yourself daily to do something that scares you or that you hate doing. Cold showers, eating veggies, homework, chores, picking up creepy crawlies, cleaning your bike, etc. knowing that it will only make you stronger the more consistently you do it

  • Spend the majority of your day in nature  

  • Volunteer at least 4 hours a month - Monthly report to Tyson

  • Build and cultivate empathy with a daily gratitude journal entry

  • Send at least 1 message of gratitude to someone daily

  • “How to Be A Man” Lessons

  • Habitudes Leadership Sessions

All of these pillars are a great starting point to become a powerful teammate and leader in the world and as a side product, will make you a much better athlete. Plus, it's more fun being around people that take the time and effort to care for themselves and others.