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Sea Otter Classic

Commencal Bikes Represent!

The 2018 Sea Otter Classic is in the books for the Outlaws. As usual, the event was chaotic, exciting, stressful, motivating, frustrating, hot, cold, fun, friendly, rowdy, and a bit sensual (with all the new bike bits and gear that is).

For the uninitiated, Sea Otter is a massive exhibition for manufacturers to show off new gear. Thousands of riders come from all over the world to compete in Downhill, Enduro, Dual Slalom, Cross-Country, Road, Cyclocross, and the first ever mini-bike bunny hop challenge hosted by our friends #commencalusa that Finley arguably stole the show on.

The Outlaws made a huge impression, or at least our impressions have been building up and really showed here where every bike geek gathers. Our brand is getting out there and people are starting to take notice. Not only can our athletes ride bikes better than most, they have a rad personality to back them up that exemplifies their riding ability.

We had 14 Outlaw athletes at Sea Otter! There were I think another 4-6 Utah groms there that we hung out with at camp and made some jumps #campvibes

The greatest highlight for me as a coach and organizer of all this chaos is how well all the athletes and parents work together. They cheered each other on, had positive and happy attitudes, and went out of their way to encourage their teammates to strive for excellence and push their riding skills.

Coach giving the pre-race motivation

That is the BEST part about these events and the greatest value we can provide as a team.

It's so much fun! There really is nothing better than riding bikes with your buddies.