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USAC MTB Nats - Day 2-2863
Justin Goodey

2023 Team info and Application is live! 

There will be 5 options to join Outlaw for 2023 and beyond. Please message or call with questions. Click hyperlinks for each programs additional details.

1) Banditos - More details to come, check the blog post

2) Respect the Send (RTS) - The team for Intermediate Utah riders looking to learn new skills, forge new friendships, and be the best local ripper. 

3) Tribe Development - Advanced Utah riders aiming to qualify for the Tribe, race World Cup or Crankworx events, and of course gain more skills, friendships, and lifelong healthy habits.

4) National Tribe Development - Advanced Riders outside of Utah with the same goals as Tribe Devo

5) Tribe - By invite only: elite riders on the World Cup, or juniors age 14-18 that are in our World Cup Development Pipeline

6) Outlaw Slope - Our newly formed Slopestyle division. Advanced riders from anywhere looking to compete on the FMB World Tour and Crankworx/Freeride events. 

Please complete 1 application per athlete. Athletes can apply for multiple teams. Upon acceptance, applicants must complete team requirements prior to season start or show consistent efforts towards completing the requirements 

Apply for the 2023 Outlaw Teams here! 
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