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USAC MTB Nats - Day 2-2863
Justin Goodey


At our core, we're a team of professional coaches leading the best team globally through a holistic approach to training, ensuring both kids and parents excel and thrive. We believe in the transformative power of biking, emphasizing skill development for enhanced enjoyment and creativity on the trails.

We aim to cultivate Higher Level Humans by fostering a dynamic, supportive, and rigorous environment where our athletes push boundaries, fueled by passion for learning and fun. Our members invariably find a sense of belonging and purpose with us, embarking on journeys of personal and athletic excellence.

Our coaching goes beyond sports, preparing athletes not just for competitive success but for life's challenges, nurturing leaders with resilience, positivity, and innovative thinking. We provide all-age tailored coaching in a secure, engaging setting, focusing on fundamental skills through varied training methods, including one-on-one sessions and group practices. This foundation enables our athletes to navigate high-pressure situations with ease and confidence.

We're dedicated to creating a positive, empowering atmosphere where athletes are prepared to tackle challenges head-on, promoting growth and excellence within and beyond the sports realm. Our team philosophy centers on progression, collaboration, and the belief that a supportive, ambitious community is essential for reaching world-class achievements.


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