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Welcome to Banditos – where the thrill of downhill biking meets the freedom of forging your own path! If you've been itching to dive into the exciting world of downhill mountain biking but couldn't commit to full teams, then saddle up because you've found your crew! Picture this: stylish jerseys, in-person coaching sessions packed with fun, and a community that's got your back every step of the way. That's what Banditos is all about!

Joining Banditos is a breeze – no fuss, and no need for fancy licenses or globe-trotting races. And get this – it's only $760 for the entire season! That's right, all the thrills without breaking the bank.


As a Bandito, you get exclusive sponsor discounts from top-notch brands like Commencal Bikes, Schwalbe tires, and more. Oh, and you get a free pair of Pit Vipers! I mean, c'mon! Talk about perks that pedal up the value of your membership!


But, we know it's not all about the destination – it's about the journey too! Whether you're railing that turn or mastering the art of catching air, we've got achievable goals and a whole lotta fun waiting for you, all designed to increase your fundamental riding skills, find new riding buddies, and provide a low barrier of entry into this amazing sport. 


From here, the possibilities are endless. Banditos is the ultimate launchpad to our elite Outlaw teams, where we're sculpting the next generation of downhill shredders with skill, dedication, and a whole lot of heart.  We even offer scholarships for bikes and gear! 


So, what are you waiting for? Don't let the downhill dreams pass you by – join Banditos today and kickstart your biking journey with a crew that's as stoked as you are!


Banditos Schedule

New for 2024 - Athletes can attend all sessions! 

Training Sessions will mostly be in Corner Canyon and the Park City Area.


  • 20th 9-11am

  • 21st 9-11am


  • 8th 6-8pm

  • 11th 9-11am

  • 22nd 6-8pm

  • 25th 9-11am


  • 5th  6-8pm

  • 12th 6-8pm

  • 15th 9-11am

  • 16th 9-11am


  • 10th 6-8pm

  • 13th 9-11am

  • 17th 6-8pm

  • 20th 9-11am


  • 7th 6-8pm

  • 10th 9-11am

  • 14th 6-8pm

  • 17th 9-11am


All of our teams take a 2 week break at the end of August to allow for change of schedules with school and a nice break in the heat of the summer. We will provide athlete evaluations and suggestions for next steps for your athlete at this point. If your athlete desires to move on to Drifters, and our coaches recommend them, then they can join the Drifters team for September training. 


Banditos may be invited to our world famous Desert Sessions. We ride the old Red Bull Rampage sites and teach kids how to ride this amazing terrain intelligently to avoid injury and maximize fun! 

Banditos is open to athletes across the country ages 6 and older. Riders must provide their own bike and gear and be comfortable riding intermediate flow and tech trails. Banditos must have basic understanding of trail riding, shifting, braking, and jumping (small airtime is fine, just need the desire to catch air!).


If you have an absolute beginner-to-downhill, with some trail experience, we can provide private coaching to get them ready for Outlaw programs.

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