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These camps are designed as a funnel for our upper level teams. We are always looking for the next crop of up and coming grom riders! Outlaw is a team focused on elite skill development, meaning that we can take any athlete, and as long as they put the work in, and build their fundamental skill base to become advanced, professional riders. The younger they start, the easier it is to create proper habits and movement patterns to keep them crash resistant, and build their confidence on and off the bike.


We will be hosting a series of camps throughout the year to introduce riders to Outlaw, increase their fundamental riding skills, find new riding buddies, and provide a way for Tribe members to increase their leadership skills and earn money towards their career.


The Outlaw Progression Camps are open to athletes across the country ages 6 and older. Riders must provide their own bike and gear and be comfortable riding intermediate flow and tech trails. Campers must have basic understanding of trail riding, shifting, braking, and jumping (small airtime is fine, just need the desire to catch air!).


If you have an absolute beginner-to-downhill, with some trail experience, we can provide private coaching to get them ready for Outlaw programs.


Camps will be hosted within Utah and across the country based on our training and racing schedules. Athletes will be able to register for camps on the website. Space will be limited so early registration is encouraged.


Camps hosted in Utah will be 2-8 hours per day, typically held on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. Please read each camp listing thoroughly and ensure your athlete meets the criteria per camp. Most will be designed for Intermediate/Advanced riders, other camps will be invite only based on past participation and skill level.