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Supporting the next generation of Slopestyle, Dirtjump, and Freeride athletes! 

The Outlaw Slope program provides everything an aspiring athlete needs to compete in Slopestyle events. We are bringing together the best junior riders in the USA to form a team to support each other on this difficult and extremely rewarding quest to be a professional rider. 


Our Story

Since 2015, we have trained riders in all types of riding. Everything on MTB is cool! Having a solid foundation in jumping, racing, freeride, tricks, and even pedaling is critical for the long term success of all riders. Slopestyle is no exception. With the level of riding it takes to qualify for a Diamond event, let alone win one, you've gotta be able to do it all from a young age.

But when It comes time to focus in on 1 discipline (usually around age 15), thats where Outlaw Slope comes in. Of course, we'll start athletes on the slope program at a younger age, but they'll still have the opportunity to ride and/or compete in all disciplines of riding bikes, and learn valuable skills off the bike like video production, social media management, navigating sponsorships, and so much more. 


We are proud to offer the first Slopestyle Team (that we know of) starting in 2022. Our unique approach to training athletes to live happy, healthy, and balanced lives helps create options and eliminate the stress of figuring it all out on their own, allowing athletes to focus on having fun and perfecting their craft. No longer do they need to ask, "Am I doing what I should be doing to reach my goals?" Outlaw takes the guess work out of becoming, and being a pro athlete. 

We are beyond excited to launch this journey with you. 

Meet The Team

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