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Supporting the next generation of Slopestyle, Dirtjump, and Freeride athletes! 

The Outlaw Freeride program provides everything an aspiring athlete needs to safely learn bigger tricks, jumps, and drops. Our mission is to provide a safe, fun, and encouraging atmosphere with professional coaching for athletes looking to gain confidence and skills while hitting features of all sizes. 


Our Story

Since 2015, we have trained riders in all types of riding. Everything on MTB is cool! Having a solid foundation in jumping, racing, freeride, tricks, and even pedaling is critical for the long term success of all riders. What we classify as freeride is really just want anyone does when they go out and ride; ride for themselves and for fun. We just take that up a notch and help you skip all the painful lessons and teach you proper technique and form to avoid some of the most common errors. 

Outlaw Freeride athletes may get the opportunity to compete if they wish to, but it's really all about riding with a rad group of kids that want to push each other to be better riders, with coaches that can help you get there safely. We will also help you learn valuable skills off the bike like video production, social media management, navigating sponsorships, and so much more. 


The freeride team will also have the opportunity to create a professionally  filmed and edited movie part! 

We are beyond excited to launch this journey with you. 

Meet The Team

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