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The Banditos is all about an easy, low commitment entry into downhill mountain biking. The best kind of biking! 

Since our other teams sell out so early, there are so many athletes that want to be an Outlaw, but they either couldn't commit to the full team, or missed the deadline. Banditos helps to stoke out more athletes by providing in-person coaching 2-3 times per month, a jersey, and a community to learn more about this amazing sport. 

Nice and simple. There are no further commitments, licenses, travel, or races required to join. 

And it's only $760 for the whole season! 

Banditos also gain full access to our sponsors and discounts, which is more than worth the price of admission. You'll get to enjoy heavy discounts from Commencal Bikes, Schwalbe tires, TRP Brakes and Drivetrains, Deity, Leatt, Sensus Grips, Factor Wheels, Rotor Cranksets, and our local shop sponsor Salt Cycles in Sandy and CB Cycles in Orem.

Oh, and you get a free pair of Pit Vipers! I mean, c'mon! 


Banditos is designed as a funnel for our upper level teams. We are always looking for the next crop of up and coming riders! Outlaw is a team focused on elite skill development, meaning that we can take any athlete and build their fundamental skill base to become advanced, professional riders, as long as they put the work in too. The younger they start, the easier it is to create proper habits and movement patterns to keep them crash resistant, and build their confidence on and off the bike.

We have created fun milestones for Banditos to reach towards over that summer. These milestones will provide a fun way to see their improvements and give them attainable goals to pursue throughout their training. 

However, if you don't want to race bikes professionally, that's fine too! Banditos and RTS are both low-commitment programs to get you into the sport and stoked on riding bikes the rest of your life. 


Banditos Schedule

New for 2024 - Athletes can attend all sessions! 

Training Sessions will mostly be in Corner Canyon and the Park City Area.


  • 20th 9-11am

  • 21st 9-11am


  • 8th 6-8pm

  • 11th 9-11am

  • 22nd 6-8pm

  • 25th 9-11am


  • 5th   6-8pm

  • 12th 6-8pm

  • 15th 9-11am

  • 16th 9-11am


  • 10th 6-8pm

  • 13th 9-11am

  • 17th 6-8pm

  • 20th 9-11am


  • 7th 6-8pm

  • 10th 9-11am

  • 14th 6-8pm

  • 17th 9-11am


All of our teams take a 2 week break at the end of August to allow for change of schedules with school and a nice break in the heat of the summer. We will provide athlete evaluations and suggestions for next steps for your athlete at this point. If your athlete desires to move on to RTS, and our coaches recommend them, then they can join the RTS team for September training. 


Banditos may be invited to our world famous Desert Sessions. We ride the old Red Bull Rampage sites and teach kids how to ride this crazy terrain as intelligently as possible to avoid injury and maximize fun! 

Our goal with Banditos is to increase young gravity riders' fundamental riding skills, find new riding buddies, and provide a low barrier of entry into this amazing sport. 

We even offer scholarships for bikes and gear! 


Banditos is open to athletes across the country ages 6 and older. Riders must provide their own bike and gear and be comfortable riding intermediate flow and tech trails. Banditos must have basic understanding of trail riding, shifting, braking, and jumping (small airtime is fine, just need the desire to catch air!).


If you have an absolute beginner-to-downhill, with some trail experience, we can provide private coaching to get them ready for Outlaw programs.



Banditos Team

  • Banditos receive a personalized jersey, so if for any reason an athlete decides not to join the program, there is a $100 non-refundable portion.

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