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Banditos Camps Wrap Up

Our final Banditos Progression Camp just finished up last weekend at Woodward Park City. This was a great way to end the season for our young riders as they had a ton of fun, learned A LOT and didn't want to stop riding.

Check out a quick mashup from our camps over the Summer of '22:

We have big things planned for these camps in 2023. As soon as our team's race schedule is sorted out, we can plan our Banditos camps. There will be 2 major changes to our camps in 2023:

  • All camps will be donation based, meaning that they will not cost anything other than some hard costs such as lift tickets. If you feel inclined to make a donation to the team to support the cause of getting kids on bikes, outdoors, and doing hard things, that would be great and go a long way in helping us achieve our mission of creating healthy, happy humans.

  • IF we are able to get grants and sponsors, we are aiming to lend full suspension bikes to Banditos in need that otherwise couldn't afford them.

  • Scholarships would be made available for athletes in need to cover the hard costs of the camps.

Camps will generally remain on Friday's and Saturdays, and last 2-4 hours per day depending on the camp and location.

We hope to host a total of 10 camps in 2023, schedule and staff permitting.

We encourage all to register as soon as the camps are announced so that we can provide the highest quality coaching possible, and to make sure you get a spot as space will be limited to ensure each athlete gets the coaching and attention required.

Thank you to all of our Banditos this summer for making our camps so fun and rewarding! We love seeing the progress in such a short amount of time and the joy and passion that it brings to so many kids.

Riding bikes is the best!!

See you next year!

Coach Tyson and Coach Dillon

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