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2022 Tribe Physical Pillar

  • 1000Weeks
  • 94Steps
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


I hope this provides a way for you to track your progress and visualize the results you can see when you consistently work on your physical fitness skills. The dividends pay off huge in the short and long run. You'll look better, feel better, be happier, have more mental capacity, and perform consistently at your optimal levels. It truly feels amazing to be fit, strong, and happy. Anyone that has been injured or sick for a long duration can tell you how much better it is to be healthy than not. It just takes consistency. Even if you do half the workout, or can't even get close to that 6 minute mile, you'll still be a better athlete mentally, physically and spiritually when you consistently work towards a challenging goal. Enjoy the process! Notes: You MUST inform Tyson when you complete a step. Video submission is required if not performed with Tyson The 14 and older weightlifting requirements are to be preformed with Tyson or with a trained professional. No exceptions. Proper form is CRITICAL! Anything submitted with bad form will not be accepted and you will get hurt. Don't look like a dog taking a poop! Do it right!

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