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The Outlaw Way

Year 3 as a team, only missing a couple athletes from the entire team. Who can name everyone on this pic?

“What fueled it all was a kind of Outlaw Outlook: Instead of relying on laws passed down from some god or a king, let’s think like outlaws. Let’s think for ourselves. An outlaw outlook calls on every citizen to create, not conform; to decide what is right and wrong and act on it, not just baa along with the rest of the herd. Outlaws have to be poised, smart, and independent; they have to cultivate allies, assess risk, and keep their antennae fine-tuned to everyone and everything around them. Outlaws focus on what people can do, not what they shouldn’t.”

-Christopher McDougall

I want to talk about the origins of Outlaw over the next few posts and the philosophy behind what we do. I would be a liar to claim that I had a grand plan from day 1 to create what we've created over the past 9 years, but there has been 1 thing I've known since the first few years of my coaching career: the individual is more important than the athlete.

As Outlaw has evolved, I want to make sure that all of our individuals (athletes) get the same experience as our 'OG' crew did and have access to similar lessons and character building opportunities. So I've decided to put it all on this blog, mostly to help me remember, but if you end up reading this, all the better!

In the realm of extreme sports and in the pursuit of a life less ordinary, I have come to embrace a philosophy that is incredibly dear to my heart: The Outlaw Way. This ethos is not about rebelling without cause or being obstinate for the sake of it. It's a profound commitment to originality, to thinking independently, and to daringly carve out a path that deviates from the conventional.

At its core, the Outlaw Way is about defying the norms that society often imposes on us. This philosophy is not just a choice but a necessity. To excel in such a high-octane, risk-laden sport such as downhill, freeride, or slopestyle, one must step beyond the boundaries of what is considered 'normal'.

This approach isn't limited to professional pursuits; it encompasses every aspect of life. It's about making choices that resonate with your true self, even if they seem unorthodox to others. It involves a blend of creativity, a set of strong personal principles, and most importantly, the courage to act upon your convictions.

The Outlaw Way is fundamentally about breaking free from the herd mentality. It's a stark reminder that following the crowd, especially in matters of passion and career, is often the enemy of innovation and personal fulfillment. In extreme sports, following the herd can mean stagnation, or worse, compromising on safety and personal values.

This philosophy calls for a band of allies - a support system of like-minded individuals who understand and share your unconventional outlook. This network is crucial not just for moral support but also for collaboration, sharing of ideas, and for keeping each other grounded and focused.

There's an undeniable thrill in doing things that others aren't, in charting a path that's uniquely yours. This thrill is a driving force in the world of extreme sports. The joy of mastering your mind, body, and soul to conquer extremely scary obstacles is incomparable. This sentiment extends beyond sports; it's about embracing the unique in every aspect of life.

The Outlaw Way is ultimately about living life on your own terms, free from the constraints of societal expectations. It's about being willing to look like a fool in the eyes of others while you pursue what truly matters to you. In doing so, you experience a sense of freedom that is the essence of living an Outlaw life.

We only have one life to live, and the Outlaw Way is a reminder to make it count in the most authentic way possible. It's a call to embrace your individuality, to be fearless in the face of uncertainty, and to live a life that is truly your own. Whether you're a professional athlete, an entrepreneur, or anyone who dares to dream big, the Outlaw Way is a beacon that lights the path to self-fulfillment and exceptional living. Embrace it, live it, and let it guide you to a life that's not just lived, but appreciated in every moment.

Hoka Hey!

Today is a good day to die - not that we want to die, but we will live life knowing that any day may be our last and we must take advantage of every second.

In summary, The Outlaw Way can include:

  • Embrace "Weird"

  • Break away from the herd

  • Embrace the thrill of it

  • Live free of societal constraints

  • Dream big

Bonus: send me a video of you explaining what it means to you to be an Outlaw. I'll choose three to post and you'll get a goody pack with shirts, Pit Vipers, and stickers.

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