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Welcome to Mavericks – where our mission is to create the first ever developmental program to turn junior athletes into world cup competitors, offering elite-level support in coaching, logistics, sponsorships, and finances. We're all about pushing the limits and conquering every challenge in our path, competing in Downhill, Dual Slalom, and Enduro events across continents, building your résumé and your confidence while having the time of your life!


Membership in Mavericks is open to junior shredder from all over the country by invitation only. Athletes must accept their invitation by September 20th with an essay and goal form submitted to Coach Tyson by the 20th. It is extremely difficult to become a Tribe Member and very few will qualify, but if you've got what it takes, this is your chance to shine!



$1000* due January 1st. -Includes a Team Jersey and other surprises

Limited to 10 members

*The Mavericks tuition is significantly reduced to reward your hard work of making it to this level of riding. However, the requirements to join and remain on the team are significantly increased. If you are unable to meet those requirements, a spot on the Nomads team will be reserved for you.  .

Full Mavericks Requirements are HERE



  • Ages 14+

  • Open to athletes across the country

  • Must have graduated from Tribe Devo or show elite skills.  

  • Must complete or be working towards completing all Tribe Pillars found HERE

  • Must have previous competition experience and results

  • A DH Bike, and Enduro Bike, and a DJ

  • Full-face helmet, goggles, gloves, and armor.

  • USA Cycling License

  • Wear Outlaw Jersey on race day and on podiums

  • Respect trail etiquette, safety, and conditions

  • Promote the team and sponsors through your social media outlets whenever appropriate

  • Refer people to our sponsors

Training Schedule will vary depending on the World Cup Schedule and more. You will be provided a detailed, individualized season plan as soon as all race schedules are announced. ​


Hands down the greatest benefit of joining the Mavericks is surrounding yourself with other athletes that want to improve and want you to improve. We are all on the same mission: being the best we can be in this sport and in life. What more do you need? Well, a lot of support for starters. Outlaw takes pride in providing more than just bike training. 


  • Sports Performance and Mental Training Sessions

  • Mechanical work, repair, and build of bikes to keep them in top form

  • Workout and nutrition programming

  • Team building activities 

  • Bike career pathway planning, resources, and networking

  • Goal setting and tracking

  • Sponsor management, tracking, and reporting

  • Professionally made edits and photography

  • Lifelong friendships and connections​​​


The Outlaw Bike Team is built on developing what we call Higher Level Humans. This is our way of saying that athletes need to be much more than just good bike riders; they need to have grit, courage, positivity and indomitable character all while treating everyone with respect and an open mind to learning from every failure and opportunity. 


Not only is this a great way to live life and keep things FUN, it also gets you noticed as a person who cares about your craft and having a professional representation of who you are to everyone. 



We believe that DH racing is fun! And it should always be fun no matter what. Technically, anyone can get a bike and race at these races, however, for juniors to remain interested and motivated to continue in this very difficult sport, they need to see success and safety from their first experience. 


And just as important, parents need support to wade through it all and help make it somewhat less expensive. By leveraging more athletes, we can make most races less expensive by sharing lodging, travel, and food expenses. Coach Tyson has been organizing trips for ski teams and Outlaw Bike Team for over 14 years and has it all down to a science.


We want to provide the foundations for this success by keeping these kids riding another day and learning life-long skills and building life-long friendships. 


If you have not been invited to apply for the 2023 team, and feel that you deserve a spot, please email Tyson at

Thank you to our sponsors:

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