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Get ready to embark on the ride of a lifetime with the Nomads team – your ticket to turning your dreams of elite mountain biking glory into reality! Open to Utah athletes wanting to develop their skills and confidence for a successful athletic career and eventually compete on the World Cup or other Elite levels of racing, the Nomads team will guide you on a crystal-clear pathway of progression and unwavering support  We're not just building strong bodies, we're nurturing strong minds, so you can handle anything the sport and life throws your way. 

But, there are a few requirements that come with being part of the Nomads team. It's not going to be easy. But that's the point. The requirements are designed to enable athletes to keep up with the rigorous pace of the team and stay on track to accomplish lofty goals in this sport. Many of these requirements are completed on the honor system, so it's up to the athletes and the parents and on the parents to work closely together to complete the daily tasks. 

The intent of the Team Requirements are to:

  1. Build a world-class team

  2. Build greater team unity

  3. Award athletes based on merit

  4. Increase attendance at training

  5. Place more responsibility on the athlete as it's their choice to join the team. They want to be here, and have earned the right to be here and continue to do so daily with their character, discipline, and passion. 

  6. Create a clear pathway for athletes to progress and gain further support for their dreams

The Nomads Pillars can be found HERE

The Nomads team is limited to 20 athletes. Early bird registration is $2600 for the season starting early April and ending late Early October (off season activities as well). The Nomads will train 2-3 days per week and follow the local and national competition schedule. This team is coached by Tyson and 2 full time coaches to manage and run most of the training sessions. Nomads athletes will also have opportunities to work with and ride with Mavericks team athletes to learn from them and progress in a team environment. 


Training sessions will be conducted throughout Utah, Salt Lake, and Summit counties. The majority of our training will be at Deer Valley, Solitude and PCMR when those resorts open. We will also have training opportunities in Southern Utah, Colorado, and Canada. Our full training schedule will be released when the race schedules are announced.  ​

Team Tuition is due December 31st on on a monthly payment plan with final payment no later than March 1st. Tuition will increase to $3000 on Jan 1st. Any account not paid by March first will incur a 15% fee per month on remaining balance.

So, get ready to bring your A-game and show us what you're made of. Join the Nomads team and surround yourself with other driven athletes who are all about crushing goals and having a blast along the way. We are all on the same mission: being the best we can be in this sport and in life. Let's ride!


I strongly encourage athletes to get started on the physical requirements now. I sent everyone workouts to do for 7 weeks designed to help you accomplish these requirements.


Hands down the greatest benefit of joining Outlaw is surrounding yourself with other athletes that want to improve and want you to improve. We are all on the same mission: being the best we can be in this sport and in life. What more do you need? Well, a lot of support for starters. Outlaw takes pride in providing more than just bike training. 


  • Sports Performance and Mental Training Sessions

  • Mechanical work, repair, and build of bikes to keep them in top form

  • Workout and nutrition programming

  • Detailed individual season plans and management

  • Team building activities - Surfing, paintball, swimming, polar plunges, backpacking, skating, and more

  • Bike career pathway planning, resources, and networking

  • Goal setting and tracking

  • Sponsor management, tracking, and reporting

  • Professionally made edits and photography

  • Lifelong friendships and connections

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