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New for 2021 will be the Tribe Development Team. The Tribe Devo Team is for those athletes wanting to join the Tribe in the future. Below is more information on that team and what the requirements are. 

The Tribe Devo team will be limited to 6 athletes for 2021. It will be $1850 for the season starting early May and ending late October. These athletes will train 2-3 days per week and attend local and some national competitions. This team will be coached by Tyson and another full time coach to manage and run most of the weekly training sessions. 

Tribe Devo athletes will have opportunities to work with and ride with Tribe athletes to learn from them and progress in a team environment. 

The requirements below will not be easy to accomplish. The intent of the requirements is to forge strong minds and strong bodies that can keep up with the rigorous pace of the team and of pursuing lofty goals in this sport. A lot of the requirements will be completed on the honor system and on the parents working closely with your athlete to help them complete the daily tasks. 

I will send out further info on the physical requirements, fitness in-person test date, and more. Check the Team App news section for these updates.


The intent of the team changes are to:

  1. Build a world-class team

  2. Build greater team unity

  3. Award athletes based on merit

  4. Increase attendance at training

  5. Place more responsibility on the athlete as it's their choice to join the team. They want to be here, and have earned the right to be here and continue to do so daily with their character, discipline, and passion. 

  6. Create a clear pathway for athletes to progress and gain further support for their dreams


It's not going to be easy. But that's the point. 


There will still be a lot of responsibility on the parents to help your athlete complete the requirements and report to me. There are also a set of requirements for the parents. For example, completing the parent version of the Fearless Mind Sessions (which will be scheduled this January, there are 3-4 sessions for you). 


Everything here is subject to change. I will be updating them as we go along and I get feedback. 


I would strongly encourage athletes to get started on the physical requirements now. I sent everyone workouts to do for 7 weeks designed to help you accomplish these requirements. 


Parent Requirements

  • Get athletes to 90% or more training sessions/events (organize carpools) 

  • Complete Fearless Mind Sessions and read the book

  • Complete the Changing the Game Parent’s course HERE and read the accompanying eBook

  • Follow and practice what you learned above

  • Participate in team activities

  • Assist with shuttling for training

  • Assist with Utah Mountain Sports Academy fundraisers


Physical Pillar

  • 40 consecutive pushups

  • 100 squats in 2:00

  • 7 Strict pull-ups

  • Freestanding Handstand hold (show control)

  • Sub 7:00 mile run

  • 6 Backflips in a row on the tramp - no bounce between

  • A perfect cartwheel both ways

  • 1:00 Hollow Body Hold

  • 40 Lateral box jumps in 1:00

  • Draper Bike Park to Top of Rush via Canyon Hollow sub 40:00



  • 20 cal on Assault Bike in 1:00

  • 75% body weight squat 5 reps

  • 1.5x bodyweight deadlift 5 reps

  • 400m run in 80 Seconds or less

  • Pedal 20+ miles per week


Cognitive Pillar


  • Know and follow the Outlaw Way

  • Complete Fearless Mind Sessions

  • Daily journal with 3:1 Rule and other notes

  • Develop a proactive mindset

  • Consistently workout 3 days a week

  • Pursue education outside of school

  • Get 8+ hours of sleep each night


Required Book list

Ego is the Enemy - Ryan Holiday

The Obstacle is the Way - Ryan Holiday

Fearless Mind - Dr. Craig Manning


Cosmic Pillar

  • Love yourself

  • Love others and the world around you - Mudita (a Buddhist term for "finding joy in the happiness and success of others")

  • Breathe - Daily breathwork and meditation - Use the Wym Hoff App

  • Become comfortable in the uncomfortable - challenge yourself daily to do something that scares you or that you hate doing. Cold showers, eating veggies, homework, chores, picking up creepy crawlies, cleaning your bike, etc. knowing that it will only make you stronger the more consistently you do it

  • Spend the majority of your day in nature  

  • Volunteer at least 4 hours a month - Monthly report to Tyson

  • Build and cultivate empathy with a daily gratitude journal entry