MTB Nationals 2019

Motto from the week: “Observe, listen, learn”

In 2018, I took Fred and Finley out to Snowshoe, West Virginia for MTB Nationals. In 2019, I took 12 athletes to Trestle, CO for Nationals and met up with 4 of our Outlaw Tribe members. To say these two experiences were different is an understatement.

Last year, United Airlines sent most of our luggage and bikes to a different airport and made zero effort to get them to us. If you’ve ever been to Snowshoe, you know it’s in the middle of nowhere, so driving or delivering anything is nearly impossible. Luckily, Fred and Fin had their DH bikes so they could still race, but they were on borrowed/rental gear and wore the same clothes for a week. In the end, it was a memorable experience and we had a lot of fun and brought home a 1st and 2nd place!

This year, the logistics of taking 12 athletes 1 state away to ride and race bikes for a week is just as incomprehensible as losing a few bikes flying across the country. Everything and everyone made it to Colorado, so eat it United.

The Athletes:

Dillon Flinders (didn’t end up racing due to recovery from his broken leg)

Justin Goodey (DH, Dual, Enduro)

Drake Parker (DH, Dual)

Carter Jefferies (DH, Dual)

Vann Pollard (DH, Dual)

Thatcher Gledhill (DH, Dual)

Finley Kirschenmann (DH, Dual)

Luke Mallen (DH, Dual)

Alex Mallen (DH, Dual)

Fred LaRiviere (DH, Dual)

Syd Hyldahl (DH)

Boone Wheeler (DH)

Boston Bryant (DH Duals)

Finn McDermott (DH, Dual)

Brodey McDermott (DH, Dual)

Cohen Bundy (DH)

Eli Bundy (got back from BMX Worlds after his races were complete)

Results can be found here: