Whistler 2019

Provo -> Air Rec Center -> Squamish -> Whistler

18 Athletes

2100+ miles

12 days of riding

Endless epic memories


Coach: Tyson


Oliver Wiley

Finley Kirschenmann

Certer Jefferies

Fred LaRiviere Vann Pollard

Luke Mallen

Alex Mallen

Drake Parker

Thatcher Gledhill

Jonas Miller

Nick Crimmins

Syd Hyldahl

Boston Bryant

River Bell

Cohen Bundy

Eli Bundy

Finnegan McDermott

Brodey McDermott

Bonus add on: Hadrien Lackner

We set off from Provo at 6am on August 6th with 10 athletes in J-Quelin (team van). Spent the night in Bellingham, Washington and met up with Jill Mason and her son Nick. We crossed the border without a problem and made our way to the Air Rec Center.

If you’ve never been to the Air Rec Center, it’s worth a trip. Stopping here helped break up the drive and allow our athletes to get back in the groove of riding in a developmental way. They had a moderate line with no gaps to build confidence, a bigger line that was actually easier and smoother than the moderate line, and then the big slopestyle type line. Finley guinned this line and then it was on with Luke, Fred, Drake, and Nick all hitting the big line like it was no problem.

The airbag setup was awesome to learn tricks into and then take them to the resi. We basically had the place to ourselves on a Wednesday so the kids rode hard from 2pm-8pm. Unfortunately, Alex went down on the first hit and first run of the day, breaking his collarbone. Alex is usually the one to warmup and take things easy